Urogenital Surgery

Renal stones : pyelolithotomy, ureterolithotomy, nephrectomy for nonfunctioning kidneys, suprapubic cystolithotomy for urinary bladder stones.

Pyonephrosis: Nephrostomy, Nephrectomy for non functioning kidney.

Hydronephrosis, PUJ obstruction - pyeloplasty[ Anderson hynes, Culp pyeloplasty]

Renal cancer: Radical nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma, Nephron sparing surgery.

Urinary bladder: Urinary stones: Suprapubic cystolithotomy. Small capacity bladder; Augmentation ileocystoplasty.

Benign prostatic hypertrophy- Frayer's prostatectomy.

Carcinoma prostate- sextant biopsy, subcapsular orchidectomy.

Testes: epidydimal cyst excision, Infertility- testicular biopsy; Varicocele- high/ low ligation, laparoscopic varicocele ligation, microsurgical varicocelectomy ; hydrocele- lord's operation; high inguinal orchidectomy for testicular malignancies; Subcapsular orchidectomy for Carcinoma prostate.

Encysted hydrocele of cord- Excision; Torsion testes- untwisting; Undescended testes- orchidopexy

Penis: Circumcision for phimosis; meatoplasty for meatal stenosis; frenuloplasty, fracture of penis- repair; Partial/ total amputation of penis for cancer of penis.

Vulval tumors & Cancers: excision

Culp Pyeloplasty