Breast Surgery

Medical & surgical treatment for common breast problems like mastitis, breast abscess, breast pain, lump breast, fibroadenoma of breast, fibroadenosis of breast ( fibrocystic disease of breast), gynecomastia, breast cancers.

Acute Mastitis: Antibiotic treatment, Incision & drainage, Aspiration of pus 

Chronic mastitis: Antibiotics, antitubercular treatment as required. Excisional biopsy for duct ectasia.

Benign breast diseases: Breast cyst aspiration, excision & biopsy of breast cyst.

Fibrocystic disease of breast: Medical treatment of fibrocystic breast disease. Excisional biopsy for fibrocystic disease, Central mastectomy [hadfield’s operation] for fibrocystic breast disease, radial scar excision.

Fibroadenoma of breast: Surgical excision of fibroadenoma of breast, scarless excision of fibroadenoma of breast, liposuction for fibroadenoma of breast.

Gynecomastia: Subareolar mastectomy

Duct papilloma: Microdochotomy

Breast cancer: Trucut biopsy for breast lump, Excisional biopsy for breast malignancy, quadrentectomy with axillary clearance, Modified radical mastectomy, breast conservation surgeries for breast cancers.

Chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Fibrosarcoma of breast/ Cystosarcoma phyllodes: Mastectomy/ Excision of the lump.

Mammoplasty: Augmentation mammoplasty for small size breasts, reduction mammoplasty for very large size breasts, mastopexy for sagging of breast etc

Axillary dissection for breast cancer