Face & Neck Surgery

Face: Moles, Scars, Cysts: Excision

Cystic hygroma: Excision of tumor

Brachial Cysts: Excision

Oral, Buccal, Tounge Cancers: Local excision, neck dissections, Flap reconstructions, Commando’s operation with reconstructions, Hemimandiblectomy with in continuity neck dissection.

Salivary tumors [parotid tumors, submandibular gland tumors] : Superficial parotidectomy, Excision of submandibular gland, Submandibular calculi retrieval.

Parotid Carcinoma: Parotidectomy with radical neck dissection

Thyroid [ Goiter, Hyperthyroidism, Thyroid cancers]: Hemithyroidectomy with isthmusectomy, Near total thyroidectomy, Subtotal thyroidectomy, Sistrunk’s operation for thyroglossal cyst.