Patient information

Find out general surgery related information for yourself or someone you care. The information provided aims to impart general information and education for patients planning for, or undergoing general surgical operations. It will thus help in decision making, encourage discussions, enhance patient safety and improve patient care. 

Hernia Surgery                                                        

About inguinal hernia, femoral hernia, incisional hernia, ventral hernia, umbilical hernia, lumbar hernia, hernia surgery, hernioplasty, herniotomy, mesh for hernia repair, open mesh hernioplasty, laparoscopic surgery for hernia, patient information about hernia surgery.

Piles Surgery                                                           

About piles or hemorrhoids. Various treatment options for piles like injection sclerotherapy, band ligation, hemorrhoid artery ligation, stapled hemorrhoidopexy [MIPH/ PPH], and hemorrhoidectomy (with electrosurgery, lasers, hormonics or ligasure) for piles surgery.

Fissure Surgery                                                      

About anal fissure, medical treatment for anal fissure, butox injection for anal fissure, surgery for anal fissure, lateral sphincterotomy for anal fissure, anal stretch and anoplasty for fissures.

Fistula in Ano

About Anal fistula , MRI fistulography, medical treatment for anal fistula, fistulectomy, surgery for anal fistula, treatment of complex and recurrent fistula, Ligation of intersphincteric tract (LIFT), seton insertion etc.